Joux Lake

Joux Lake

Joux Lake is located at an altitude of 1902 meters above sea level, about 2km from Vens. You can reach it by foot from Vens with a walk of about 30 minutes. When you leave the car in Vens, you can continue to the lake via two routes:

1) Continue to follow the paved road, which with a slight slope and a slightly longer route will allow you to reach the lake. This solution is easily explored with you even if you have a baby on the stroller (about 40 minutes);

2) Follow the path that leads out of Vens and takes you directly to the lake; the path is quite steep but overall shorter.

Once you get to the lake you will sometimes see parked cars. Atually, the road from Vens is closed to traffic, but in the months of July and August is viable for those who went to the restaurant "Lo Gran Bau" of Vertosan and many take the opportunity to stop at the lake.

From Lake Joux start the dirty road that leads to the valley of Vertosan and the paths for "Punta Ollietta" and "Leysse Lake".