Mont Fallère Hut

Mont Fallère Hut


The Mont Fallère hut is located in the center of the Aosta Valley at the foot of Mont Fallère where it is possible to admire views of extraordinary beauty. Mid-mountain refuge can host you for the tapa of a trek, for a cross from refuge to refuge or from one valley to another. It can also be reached by mountain bike or with organized horse rides. Built in Valle d'Aosta style and enriched with sculptures and local handicrafts, it has 50 beds in rooms with bathrooms. The pleasure of traditional cuisine is added to a convivial atmosphere.


Along the path that leads from Vetan to the hut, there are about 200 life-size wood sculptures. Most represent the fauna and men of our mountains and, placed in their natural habitat, surprise and accompany the hiker to the destination.


The multi-day tour from Saint-Oyen or Etroubles, in the Gran San Bernardo Valley and runs in 2 possible variations, clockwise or counterclockwise. The highest stages of the route overlook all the cardinal points of the region, with a spectacular view of the 4000 (Monte Bianco, Cervino, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa) of Aosta Valley. The route touches the territory of the municipalities of Gignod, Aosta, Sarre, Saint-Pierre, Avise, Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses, Saint-Oyen and Etroubles.